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Easy Expense Budget Tracker

Разработчик New studio

Easy Expense: Budget Tracker has been developed with ease of use as the primary focus. Too many finance tracking apps are over-the-top, overly complex and lacking simplicity. This is where Easy Expense comes in. 1) Click the + symbol for a credit, the - symbol for a debit.2) Enter the store or transaction name, e.g. Play Store3) Enter the amount you spent, e.g. £0.994) Choose an optional category, e.g. Entertainment.5) Save.
That's it. The amount you spent is then subtracted from your budget which is visible right from the main page. An easy to use display shows you at a quick glance how much you spent or credited each day.
At a glance you will be able to see each and every transaction that you recorded along with daily totals and most importantly exactly how much money you have left.
Easy Expense helps you to keep track of your finances, control your budget and hopefully save some money.

Features: Simple, quick and easy to use. Clean interfaceEasily identifiable icons to define transactionDetailed list of transactions per dayQuick glance transactions amounts shown on the on-screen calendarMultiple currency symbol support

Easy Expense: Budget Tracker.
Money made simple.